So imagine, the perfect shopping experience with enthusiastic people who gladly walk you through the whole building to show you around. Combined with an exposition gallery, books, clothing, design, art and food. I even got lost at one point, but it did not matter, because wherever I turned there was something to see or to do. X Bank is focused on Dutch upcoming and existing companies and people who are putting their personal message out there. In total of 180 brands, including some of my favorite brands in the concept area, like Denham, Spijkers&Spijkers, Nieuw Jurk, Daily Paper and Bas Kosters.12803187_497812557073044_5007231260858771156_n

& Don’t get me started on the perfect way of inviting people to an opening, a personal envelope send to your house with a personal key as entrance confirmation.
The little cocktails, small cheesecake, brownies and a after drink at the W hotel, completed my evening. I really enjoyed seeing Amsterdam bloom with these creative projects.

IMG_1249 Xbankopening IMG_1234



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