To see a journey developing from a point where world peace was all that matters, where color had no difference and being naked was sharing the body that was given to you, you were no different than any other. Equality, flowers in your hair and a moment of sharing joy with who ever passed your way. In the Sixties a lot changed in the world, the hippie trials, the black power movement, and the end of most wars.

”Step into the Sixties”
It inspired us, and made us realize a lot, things we forgot, information that easily gets lost because we are too busy thinking about daily stuff that at the end don’t really matter.
This is a time, where a lot changed, and we need to be thankful for that. Not even to mention, the tailoring and execution of the clothing and style-full appearance of this generation. For us today, it is the vintage stores that make us remind of wearing a similar piece, but for them it was their whole statement of showing who they were in that time.

This is the last month that this exhibition will be exposed at the Tropen Museum.
Make sure you pass by.

– Kristel Anna


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