On Thursday I got the opportunity to get a rockstar experience, by going to the premiere of the serie Vinyl by HBO and a hotel overnight at Morgan & Mees. This was something special! Already having a dinner reservation, to get all in the mood with a bag full of HBO goodies I went to see the two first episodes of Vinyl. With a dress code where everyone had their own view of ”how a rockstar would look like” I already was blown away by some amazing outfits. All satisfied I got back to the Hotel (which was near the premiere) and enjoyed the king size bed with of course a too heavy but extraordinary delicious breakfast.

A small compilation of VINYL: Clubs, spinning tables, broken bottles, label companies, drugs, alcohol, illegal parties, struggling bands, messy hair, a lot of eyeliner, ”our now so populair vintage looks”, a path towards freedom, and an area where music is on a breaking point into a new generation of success. But most of all, to show the raw feeling of  where this special love for music all started in the nineteen-seventies.

We do all in some way connect to this area, think about a moment when your parents tell you their favorite band, and they all say a similar answer, or get caught up with telling all the different genres that had their break through in that time. They all relate to that, even if it was hiphop or punk, it also could be rock & roll or soul.

The nineteen-seventies were also called the ”pivot of change” focusing especially on the economic upheavals. Peace was a must, and demonstrations kept going, creating riots and an underground movement in how younger people expressed their love for a lot of different cultural acts such as art, music, sexuality, politics and experimental projects.
We are looking at a serie where record labels moved mountains to keep their artists, or went through fire when they were in dept to sign new bands. The lead actor Bobby Cannavale plays Richie Finestra, a record executive which is living his life on the edge, struggling between his family and career with high pressure, frustration and a luxurious lifestyle. Producers such as Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger, will drag you all the way into the raw and over emotional rollercoaster of the time where artists like:  Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Al Green, James Brown, KISS, Bob Dylan, Black Sabbath, David Bowie and many more made their statement in the entertainment industry. Which until today, will always have a foot in history of music.

Don’t hesitate to start and watch this first season of 10 episode, starting from today 14-01-2016 American time. I can’t wait for the rest to come.

In Dutch on

– Kristel Anna


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