This time was different, this time was not the way it normally goes.
If you find that weird, me saying that, it is because normally I find it very pleasant and cosy to walk around, talk to old colleagues and mostly discuss the execution of the garments. With a background of product knowledge, it is very inspiring to see how designers work with their assistants to finish a certain amount of looks to be shown on the catwalk during fashion week. I don’t know if it is because of January (I do not like the cold) or because of the crowd that entered with a over consumed and commercial marketing plan to make it all ”happen” to have a focus on only money.
These designers, they are doing it for a reason, to set a certain message out in the world through clothing or special pieces. Please keep on motivating them, and do not only assume you are sitting front row or payed for it, to sit in your phone on snapchat.

To see these things ”through the fingers” as in a Dutch say, I enjoyed certain designers, not only because of the looks, but because of the story behind it and the total experience that they gave on the catwalk. Do not underestimate the Dutch designers and the whole progress behind it.

My favorites are selective this year: Oilily, Claes Iversen, Anbasja Blanken,
Said Mahrouf, Tess van Zalinge


I am very curious, if the feeling that Fashion Week gave me this time, will repeat itself in July. I definitely hope not.

– Kristel Anna


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