From Asia to Amsterdam, a trade that gave Europe in the century of 1700 a lot of perspective on the riches and beauty of the Asian culture. Japan, India, China and Indonesia where the main countries to sell their amazing statues, carved interior, canvas paintings and textile. The Rijksmuseum is having this exhibition until the beginning of next year, and is a very interesting experience for those who have family with an Asian background.
Including me and my sister, having an Indonesian background, it ment a lot for my dad that we took him to see this.

Europe did not always had a fair trade with Asia, and the power of money took over a big part of the conflicts later on in these countries.

In total there are 160 pieces shown of 60 locations/collection,
Our eyes mostly spotted the statues, and small accesoires see here our favorites:

For more information on this exhibition visit:

– Kristel Anna


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