Dior and I – Premiere at EYE

Dior and I Yesterday I went to the EYE Museum to see Dorhout Mees Couture and the premiere movie Dior and I. (See below a capture of Dorhout Mees Couture collection) IMG_5250 As in the past you know a lot of fashion houses pass on their legacy to a new generation, to keep on developing their brand to a better future. Houses like, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Dior, one of the biggest influencers take part of the fashion history. Therefor, also the most out daring designer brands, which put a lot of pressure on their houses. As a kid, my interest in fashion houses came along thanks to project cat walk, I watched all seasons and got inspired by the stories why these new talents started to design their own clothes and where they got their inspiration from. I started to do research, and my taste was drawn to Dior. A brand with a signature from the 40’s and 50’s, the look of a luxurious and romantic woman, with a purpose and independency in her life. I loved the stories behind the collections, the feeling and most of all the name of his first collection ‘’New Look’’ I saved money to buy the make-up and perfume, and when I finally got my first real summer job, I bought a pair of sunglasses for my birthday (Always a good excuse to spend more money than normal). Being interested in a brand does not only mean, you walk around with the clothes, because not everybody has the money or lifestyle to support the brand on that level. It also has to do with, the knowledge you have and the way you talk about it. Watching the documentary ‘’Dior and I’’ (published in 2014) gives you an insider look on this big Parisian fashion house. The filming and dialogue is very clear, and it gives you a feeling like you really get to know the staff of the Atelier, who has in time worked there longer than anyone else in the company. They breath, eat, sleep Dior; the stress, the fun, the frustration, and the passion of creating something for a designer. image A new designer for Dior, the replacement of John Galliano named Raf Simons, came along (2012) and was given a deadline of 8 weeks to prepare a Couture show, which normally has a preparation time of max 4-6 months. In detail you get to see the whole progress and the introduction of a collaboration between an Atelier and their new Boss. This is an astonishing documentary of a fashion house with culture and tradition, versus a new innovating designer with contemporary and futuristic ideas.   See here some of the old designs of Dior, and some of the new Raf Simons: 35220-christian-dior-1953-evening-gown-photo-pottier-hprints-com 19408-christian-dior-1955-evening-gown-hprints-com foto_relang_dior_zemire_19 Dior-Spring-2013-haute-couture-toronto-fashion-blog-fashion-translated-8 dior-haute-2015-1 DIOR-epa-6-MAIN_2265056a A must see.     Kristel Anna


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