A while back me and my friend teamed up to do a fun photoshoot.

We painted each others faces with acrylic paint because we had no other products to use. If you don’t have the product to create what you want, well just be creative and find something you can use instead. Acrylic paint is not harmful for your skin ( if you are not allergic ) and is easy to wash of your face and body. The result of the photos turned out to be pretty cool, in my opinion.

Art is beautiful, in any kind of way. Even if it is a painting hanging on the wall, a statue made of garbage and trash, tattoos for cultural reasons or just for the love of it, everything has its own power and beauty.

To express what you feel, to show who you are, to view a message, to tribute someone or something is what you can do through create your own art. Nothing is right, and nothing is wrong.

This photograph is until now the most powerful photo I have ever taken. Just by viewing and analyzing the photo, says enough about the feeling and message of the photography.

– Sanne



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